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About us

We are YPUN – a community of experienced professionals helping you build an international development career. Mainly focusing on the United Nations Young Professionals Programme (UN YPP), we support and guide candidates through the whole process of this highly competitive recruitment initiative.

YPUN was founded in 2014 to help young professionals get hired for their ideal job in international affairs area with a meaningful raise while skipping the irritation of the typically discouraging failures. During the last four years, we have a strong record of success proven by reviews and feedback of our clients.


Qualified professionals, successful UN YPP candidates, and UN insiders are honored contributors of the YPUN community and are ready to help you with the application form, the written examination, and the competency-based interview.

Qualified experts

We reach for greater heights and stand out from the crowd by hiring only the most qualified professionals to provide our services. Our experts possess, at a minimum, a bachelor’s degree from a top-tier university, international development experience, and professional editing experience. Before starting the job, experts receive training on the specifics of the UN YPP application, essays and interview evaluation based on the methodology developed by successful YPP candidates and UN insiders.

Successful UN YPP candidates

Candidates who have applied and successfully passed the UN YPP in previous years are also a part of YPUN community. They are ready to give you advice and guide you through the examination process. Together with the UN insiders, they have developed a unique methodology for the application form, essays and interview assessment, which would boost your chances to pass the examination.

UN insiders

People employed in the United Nations are also a part of the YPUN community. They have successfully gone through the recruitment process outside of the YPP and filled the positions of permanent staff members and consultants. They are ready to share their experience and help you through the UN YPP examination process. Together with the successful YPP candidates, they have developed a special methodology for the application form, essays and interview assessment, which would enhance your career prospects in the United Nations.



We offer you a full list of high-level services throughout the whole UN YPP process:

Applying for the YPP?

Many potentially successful UN YPP applicants do not pass the screening stage because they inadvertently communicate incomplete or imprecise information to the system. We will review your application form (PHP) and provide a detailed feedback on improvements for creating a stronger profile.

Preparing for the written exam?

In this most competitive UN YPP stage, we will assist you by supplying with the finest study materials and providing an opportunity to test your knowledge through an individual practice of multiple choice questions, essays and a mock examination in your job family.

Invited for the interview?

For the final stage of the UN YPP examination, we will arrange you a mock competency-based interview and provide a detailed feedback according to the real United Nations experience.