Lorenzo Harewood: Administration Expert

UN YPP Administration ExpertWho am I? My name is Lorenzo Harewood, and I have extensive experience in a broad range of private and public institutions spanning Insurance, Banking, Accounts and Developmental Research. Currently, I work for the United Nations Development Programme as a Technical Administrative Associate in the Caribbean.

Why am I inspired by YPUN? I have always been involved in various training and mentoring programs both at the community and national level, aimed at youth development. The YPUN offers an opportunity to continue that mandate at a higher level and facilitate the possible expansion in both capacity building and global experience of youth from many walks of life. I was inspired by the very structured approach by the YPUN in helping an overwhelming number of young professionals seeking to add value to the United Nations system.

What do I do at YPUN? My primary role is to assist candidates in their preparation for the UN YPP written examination in the Administration job family. As an individual already engaged in the administrative aspects of the UN system, I bring the wealth of practical experience mixed not usually depicted in study and revision texts. This experience, along with my previous engagement in the 2013 UN YPP exam (when I have successfully passed the written examination), allows me to confidently assess various preparatory responses, mock exams, and competency-based interview strategies for prospective candidates.

What is my advice to you? I always strongly suggest that anyone interested in International Development try as much as possible to reinforce their expertise at a local, national or regional level for a reasonable time first to be well grounded with the demands at the highest level. Other tasks which should become second-nature, and some may say eventually addicting, is following international new as much as possible in all areas such as Technology, Politics, Business and even Sports from various sources around the world for a rounded perspective. The UN YPP is an ideal avenue to develop your international development skills within the broader framework of the United Nations.

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