Pedro Veiga: YPP successful candidate and PI Expert

Pedro VeigaWho am I? My name is Pedro Veiga, and I am a Communication Sciences Ph.D. graduate with nearly nine years of experience as a journalist for Portugal’s leading broadcaster.

Why am I inspired by YPUN? I decided to join the YPUN team as an interview specialist because their work fills an immense void in the Young Professionals Programme – they give guidance and orientation that can be determinant in such a competitive process. They weren’t around when I applied to the YPP. I successfully went through the written, and oral examination but preparation proved to be a lot harder than it would if I had access then to the type of service, content, and expertise that YPUN is providing. For example, I didn’t know what I should be focusing on regarding the multiple choice answer portion of the written exam, so I ended up reading much more than it was essential. Also, I had never gone through a competency-based interview, and I had to scavenge the entire internet to bring together the best techniques to overcome that specific type of oral examination. Preparation would have been a lot simpler if YPUN was around and that is why I joined their efforts.

What do I do at YPUN? As a successful UN YPP candidate, I share my knowledge, experience guidance and recommendations via conducting mock interviews and preparing the written examination materials so that you can get through these stages easily!

What is my advice to you? Life as an international civil servant will be filled with challenges, some of which may seem insurmountable, but every climb starts with a first step. The YPP may well be that first effort – a though one, a competitive one, a step that dozens of thousands try to take every year. Not everyone who tries will persevere, but I can assure you that all those who eventually persevere will do it because they tried. In sum, my advice would be: add to your professional experience, move further in your studies and just keep trying.

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