Ürün TEKİN: Legal Affairs Expert

Urun BWWho am I? Hello, my name is Ürün TEKİN. I am a qualified lawyer and a Ph.D. Candidate. I completed my LL.B. in Turkey, studied for an LL.M. there before moving to Switzerland for an LL.M. on International Dispute Settlement. Currently I am a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Geneva. I have worked as a research assistant at Dogus University (Istanbul) and Geneva University (Geneva) where I had experience with evaluating exams and supporting students. I have worked on several subjects during my research career. My specialisations are international dispute settlements, arbitration, private international law and compliance.

Why am I inspired by YPUN? I have worked for YPUN in 2015 where I helped candidates with their difficulties over consultations. I felt fulfilled when I helped students achieve better marks, and I felt proud when I saw our candidates ready to tackle the exam. If I were a candidate now, I would have liked access to up to date information and resources and I would appreciate someone to ask my questions. YPUN is promising all these and more.

What do I do at YPUN? I am here to help candidates of Legal Affairs family. I develop materials, draft and update model essay and multiple-choice questions, I read and provide feedback on essays and I am ready to guide you with consultation sessions. I am ready to answer your exam related questions as well as to help you set a self-paced preparation guide. I can also guide you to further reading, if you need more materials on a certain subject.

What is my advice to you? Do not be afraid of trying! The exam is not easy, and the selection process is competitive, but don’t be afraid of the challenge. At the worst case you will learn a lot! At best, you will have your dream job! Work hard, gather all your questions and ask, try to go through as much material as possible, and don’t forget to enjoy the road!

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