Natacha Français: YPP successful candidate & MAGNET Expert

Photo Natacha Francais_Linked InWho am I? My name is Natacha Français. Coming from a family of diplomats, I always knew I wanted to be an international civil servant. With that objective, I graduated in International Relation and Social Communication and completed an MBA. I started my career in the private sector, with over 13 years of work experience in advertisement agencies and media companies. In 2015, I took the UN YPP examination in the Administration job family, passed all programme stages and became a successful UN YPP candidate.

Why am I inspired by YPUN? When I got the confirmation that I had been selected for the examination, I was aware that I had failed to prepare in advance. I found YPUN and took a chance at signing up for the preparation package. Best decision I ever made! It really helped me focus on what I had to study for the little time I had left. The YPUN work has inspired me, and now I hope to help candidates prepare and be successful in the YPP process, so they can achieve their dreams of joining the United Nations.

What do I do at YPUN? I am responsible for developing the preparation materials, reviewing essays and providing consultations for the UN YPP 2017 Management and Administration (MAGNET) network. My primary objective is to help you focus your energies in the right place and share the experience I gathered when I completed the YPP process. And if you have started studying ahead of time, you will also find additional materials that will provide broader context, and should help you with the essays and short questions.

What is my advice to you? Prepare, prepare and prepare. The YPP process is a highly competitive one. If you made it through the screening process, you are between the bests, and now it’s only up to you. There are lots of resources and not a lot of time. The strategy I used was to pretend a had an interview scheduled every week for various job positions in my network. Each week, I would prepare accordingly and choose where to focus my studying by looking at UN job openings. With so little time and so much to do, you must read a lot on what are the main issues that the UN face, strategize on how to tackle your preparation and learn more about what will be required of you as an international civil servant. If you start thinking as one and know what will be expected of you, you will have a good head start on the examination.

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