UN YPP 2020 Application Period Update

On 10 July 2020, the United Nations has shared an important update about the UN Young Professionals Programme (UN YPP) 2020. The announcement text is presented below:

“We recommend that you start creating your account and profile in inspira.un.org in advance of the ‎application ‎period (likely to be opened in late August). Please visit this page periodically to get the latest ‎information about ‎how to apply. And to keep up to date with accurate information on the UN YPP and UN careers in ‎general, follow the ‎‎*official* social media accounts of UN ‎Careers: facebook.com/UN.Careers and twitter.com/UN_Careers”

Cordially, candidates can expect that the UN YPP 2020 will be accepting applications from the end of August 2020, with the application period lasting for 45-60 days. The United Nations recommends preparing the draft application now, even before the application period starts. You can do it by registering in the inspira system and clicking on the “Create Draft Application” button.

Remember that the UN YPP screening is performed by a special software system, which automatically filters and ranks candidates based on the dropdown list selections and the keywords in the description of your past professional experience and your cover letter. The competition is fierce: each year the program receives 15-20 thousand of applications and only 4.5-5 thousand are invited to take the exam. To help you make your way through the screening stage, we have created a webinar “Step-by-Step Guide on the UN YPP 2020 Application

The webinar covers:
-How the United Nations evaluates and compares UN YPP 2020 applicants
-Which criteria are used to select candidates in the first and second screening rounds
-How to present your education background to match the requirements (with examples)
-How to adjust your duties and achievements to the UN YPP format (with examples)
-How to demonstrate the UN values and competencies in your application (with examples)
-What to include and how to structure your cover letter (with examples).

The webinar has proven to be unique and informative and received 100% positive feedback from the 2020 participants  – you may view their reviews on our Instagram page in the highlights “Reviews”.

You may learn more about the webinar and join it on this page.

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